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Win $1 Million+ Playing Mega Moolah Slots

Mega Moolah is renowned for having some of the highest jackpots of any online slot game. In fact, the base jackpot is $1 million, and this game is responsible for creating more millionaires than any other slot game on the internet. Jackpots can even climb as high as multiple millions, so playing this game is almost like playing the lottery, except more fun. This highly popular version of slots has been around for several years and has become one of the most commonly played games due to its alluring jackpots. Thus, you can find it available in most major online casinos.

Win Big Without Betting Big

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this rendition of slots is that you don’t have to place a big bet in order to win big. In fact, someone once won more than $5 million on a $0.50 spin, so it’s easy to see why this has become the most played slots game online. Another cool point to consider is that the game is playable in many different online casinos like Yukon Casino, and the jackpot is linked between all of them, so it builds up to huge amounts very quickly.

Examples of Recent Mega Moolah Winners

Only the best online casinos like Yukon Gold Casino give players million dollar jackpots. One of the most notable cases of someone becoming a millionaire by playing Mega Moolah is when a man with the initials “G.M.” won almost $4 million by playing with a free bonus that was provided by Quatro Casino. In another case, a lady with the initials “I.R.” won $3.3 million while playing a bonus round at the Golden Tiger Casino. Surprisingly, stories like this are actually fairly common, which is why so many people flock to this game on a daily basis.

Rules and Characteristics of Mega Moolah Slots

Mega Moolah is a reel-based 5×3 slot game that has an African Safari theme. During the cut scenes and gameplay, you can expect to see a variety of safari animals and backgrounds. The game has four levels of progressive jackpots:

  • Mini – base jackpot of $10
  • Minor – base jackpot of $100
  • Major – base jackpot of $10,000
  • Mega – base jackpot of $1,000,000

Most people choose to play the Mega jackpot, but keep in mind that the smaller jackpots are won more frequently. Also, since the player board is linked across all casinos that host the game, the jackpots increase quickly and are almost always higher than the above base amounts.

Free Spins and Special Symbols to Watch For

Another attractive feature in Mega Moolah is the amount of free spins you get. During the course of a game you can activate up to 15 free spins to increase your chances of winning without draining your casino credits. Be sure to keep an eye out for the Lion symbol, as landing on these will result in bonus awards. In fact, you can win up to $15,000 by landing on 5 Lion symbols on a single spin, so even the symbol payouts are larger than many other slot game jackpots.

At the moment, Mega Moolah is the highest paying online slot game, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking to win big.

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